A Rugged Man

Poem written by pirate60 on Friday 13, November 2020

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A bad *ss drunk. a 4 line ABCB format

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A Rugged Man I’m a rugged man, And tough as nails. With a massive chest, And arms like rails. My face isn’t pretty, I’m no Hollywood gent. I consider bar time, Time well spent. Of my friends, there aren’t many. Likely the meanest you’ll see. You’ll never see us, In any joints sipp’n tea. I live in a shack. Yes it’s quite a raw dump. I bring in a Hooker, For a two dollar hump. I’ve a flea bitten dog. His name is Clyde. His hair full of Mange, And a rash on his backside. Yes, I’m content in my life. I don’t care what you think. You can kiss my sweet *ss, You uppity class fink. Well I guess I’m now done. Nothing more I got to say. My case of beer is gone. So it’s time to hit the hay.

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    lol Too funny. You are making my turkey-laden belly hurt!