A Foxy Granny For Annie

Poem written by pirate60 on Friday 13, November 2020

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A fun rhyme. I believe it is AAC BBC, 3 line stanza format

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A Foxy granny for Annie Little orphan Annie, She had no real granny, And this made her very sad. So she wrote Santa a letter, To forgo any winter sweater, For a granny instead would be rad. Santa read what she said, And then scratched at his head, Wondering if a granny would fit in a box. He thus called all around, Yet no granny was to be found, So he sent her instead a red fox. Now, a red fox was no granny, Nor even an old nanny, Yet Annie still loved him so. I think it is time, That I end this fine rhyme, Yes I think it’s now time to go.

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    lol Well done, pirate! Cool