My Little Lamb

Poem written by pirate60 on Friday 13, November 2020

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An analogy of a girl referring to her as a lamb. rhyme scheme is ABBA

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My Little Lamb There she was, my little lamb, her fleece as dark as coal The hat she wore There in her door In heart so full of soul The quest for thee, what life might be, will lamb enjoy this rhyme? A dove so sweet That I should meet A child out of time In days of old, or so I'm told, I'd bare my heart and soul For want of lamb For that I am To make her life my goal So here I sit, with little wit, to bare my soul to thee In your soft eyes No spoken lies On a metamorphic knee With pen and ink, that I should think, I write this poem to thee What you would say On this very day Our life that it should be

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    Nicely done. Pirate, you do simple poems, but you capture the feeling perfectly.