Baseball Or Blasphemy

Poem written by pirate60 on Wednesday 11, November 2020

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Biblical type Poem

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Baseball Or Blasphemy Wandering souls in the gloom of the dawn, Seeking diamonds, yet they are gone. Cry a warm tear from velvety eyes, Broken hearts and sadness and shadowy lies. Titan’s tame time, in a rusting can. Giants sorrow, looking out for the man. Searching, seeking, making them mine. Feeble souls alone; parts of Frankenstein. Kiss of the spider, web of deceit, Time in the pit; repeat, repeat, repeat. Titan’s tame time, in a rusting can. Giants sorrow, looking out for the man. The rise of the sun, brings the death of the night, Silences the sorrow; dark shadows in flight. In their lairs and dungeons they warn, Of the gloom in mans hearts, when they are reborn, reborn, reborn. Time tames the Titan's; Giants take the feast, Sadness abated, destroying the beast. For now.

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    Normally I don't enjoy a typical ABAB rhyme scale, but for this particular poem, it works. I liked the repetition of the Titan's tame time and then at the end a similar yet different format of the repeated stanza that changes the mood. Overall, in my opinion, well done.
    Mynthanks Via-Anghel Magahum. I typically use the ABAB in my children books and did so here. I do enjoy using the AA C BBC form. I'll post one shortly for you to see.
    This is both sad and wonderful. Superb capture of feeling.