Don't Piss On My Tree

Poem written by pirate60 on Wednesday 11, November 2020

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Don’t Piss On My Tree “Hey! Slum dog.” “Are you talking to me?” “Yes I am, For I can see.” “Quit holding your dork. Stop taking a pee. For what you’re peeing on, Is my prized peach tree.” “Sorry dude, As you are too late. My task is complete, Your tree first rate.” “That’s to bad for you. See this shotgun in my hands. It’s full of rock salt To now blast your can.” “Hold on there mate! For I meant no harm. Can we make a deal. I’ll work on your farm.” “I could tend to this tree, As a loving mom. By-n-by, good sir, My name is Tom.” “Well now, Tom, You seem a good lad. Not the slum dog I thought, No, not even a cad.” “I’ll give you that task. You can tend to my tree. May haps my tree, Will forgive you your pee.” With a laugh and a chuckle, The two walked from said tree. A new-found friendship. Well maybe; we’ll see.

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    lol Excellent, pirate. Actually, I wonder if his pee wouldn't sweeten the fruit a bit?