Poem written by pirate60 on Monday 9, November 2020

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Godzilla I was once a small lizard of about an inch or two, When my island was laid waste by you-know-who. There was a big bang, and then a bright light. Most of us perished, it was a most gruesome sight. Of me, I didn’t die; although the temp got quite high. Instead I grew very large but I don’t know why. I hid deep in the sea and stayed out of sight, I’d come up for a look but only at night. When finally I was ready, I came up from below, My first stop Japan at a place called Tokyo. I bashed and I smashed every building in sight, It didn’t take long and I was done by first light. Those creatures called human’s, they wanted me dead They did everything they could to fill me with lead. We battled many times each worse than before. Each time I crushed them they’d come back for more. Eventually I got tired and went back out to sea, Out there in the depth is where I felt most free. Now every decade I’d reappear, To destroy Tokyo again for a movie premier. They gave me a name, this lizard from Manila. I’m now called the sea beast; the monster Godzilla

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    Nice flow, my man! Cool
    Excellent tribute to a classic monster, who spawned so many movies. Some were good, most were bad, but all were entertaining. Nice job.
    I loved this. Amazing.