Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Sunday 11, October 2020

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A poem romancing the moon

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Moon Moon, why dost thou deny me the delight of bathing in thy light, this night. Dost thou not know our hearts pulsate as one when thy, seduction glows. Curse only those, whose transgressions stain thy, purity. Negate their noxious pleas to covet, thee. Like lust-filled lovers thou hast shunned, from thy, celestial embrace. Who blind and broken budge amoungst us, in a haze without thy, sensual woo. 'Tis better to greet death; For only death, may cease this adoration for thee, Moon. Such strange and wicked things art heard. Thou hast created ghosts of those thee ousted from thy, nocturnal wed. Is this their same damnation, thou hast sent me, O, Sweet Moon. The illest fate, for those defaming love; The vain children of amour's distorted views. Such passions, kept this spirit whole; Henceforth, reanimate the bones. Reciting to thee, Moon eloquent phrases. While, harboring sweet ardor beneath this wanton slab..... now home written on: August 31, 2020

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    Very good.