Love for a Deceased Swedish DJ

Biography written by Cos99 on Thursday 8, October 2020

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An incredible DJ whose wonderful work lives on in peoples hearts.

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Tim Bergling affectionally know as Avicii was a 2010s sensation whose music was heard in many car, bar, stadium, bowling alley and nightclub. His music touched many peoples hearts. He had a troubled emotional temperant and found it difficult to keep up with the demands put on him. His music is very uplifting and produces much pleasure and endorphins. He touches on some of the difficulties of being human through his music. I believed he very much seeked to spread love through his music and his life was tragically taken too soon. His music will continue to provide inspiration for generations to follow and I'm sure will be associated with captivating moments and picture perfect memories. I also further believe he has tried to touch on what it means to be a liberal in the 21st century.

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    This begs for expansion. Open this up, please. Tell us more about this man.