Love for a Deceased Swedish DJ

Biography written by Cos99 on Thursday 8, October 2020

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An incredible DJ whose wonderful work lives on in peoples hearts.

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Tim Bergling affectionally know as Avicii was a 2010s sensation whose music was heard in many car, bar, stadium, bowling alley and nightclub. His music touched many peoples hearts. Avicii had it all . He would DJ through turning decks to crowds of tens of thousands . He had many people showing ecstatic love and affection to him. He had more money than you could possibly imagine due to the benefits of free market capitalism and globalisation. I personally believe he was very successful because he touched on deep interpretations of subjects through his music. These were death, freedom, power, religion and love. He would rarely smile though. It seemed he was in intense focus most of the time and an ardent and absolute believer in perfectionism. Ultimately, I believe this was part of his downfall as to counteract these tendencies, a concoction of partying, drugs and alcohol became all consuming. From the small amount of footage, I've seen of the man, he seemed often a distant person from others, but he did care about things. He wanted justice for hunger, a stable climate for people and animals and wildlife to have their habitats cared for. It's very very sad he is no longer with us. His music will continue to provide inspiration for generations to follow and I'm sure will be associated with captivating moments and picture perfect memories. I also further believe he has tried to touch on what it means to be a liberal in the 21st century. RIP Tim Bergling 8/09/1989 - 20/04/18

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    This begs for expansion. Open this up, please. Tell us more about this man.