100 Pound Marlin

Prose written by XenaLynn13 on Sunday 6, September 2020

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There’s plenty of fish in the sea but what if you feel like the only one.

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I was the 100 lb. Marlin. I was the one you caught that you would take the celebratory photos with and brag about to all your friends and family. I was the ultimate catch. You pulled me up onto your boat and awed at me. You made me feel so special, and it was exactly what I thought it would feel like. What I dreamed it would feel like. This is why people fish; to catch the 100 lb. Marlin! A once in a lifetime catch. But then... you turned around and put your pole back in. And I understood... you haven't fished in a while. You came out all this way to fish...why stop at the first big catch. And I knew how special I was to you, so I wasn't worried. So, you started to catch other fish. You would pull them up onto your boat and spend a little time with them, but always threw them back. A few slipped off your hook, and I could tell that really upset you. I was there though, and I knew I could make you feel better. Every once and a while you would throw some water on me, so I knew you knew I was still there for you. And I knew you would eventually put the pole down and give me the attention I needed for being your perfect catch. I slowly started dying on the deck of your boat, and really started needing that water you threw at me. I started to worry that I would never get that celebratory photo and attention for being the catch of the day... catch of a lifetime...that I felt I so deserved. I even thought, maybe I should make my way back into the water. I needed the water. But I didn't move. I knew in my heart, that any moment you would turn towards me and realize you were a fool for continuing to fish when I was right there. So, I waited. And waited. And waited... I finally realized I could no longer sit on your deck dying slowly in the sun while you continued to fish. I had to get off your boat and go be the 100 lb. Marlin for someone else. Maybe I was never the 100 pound Marlin. Maybe I was only a small feeder fish you use to catch the bigger one. Or... Maybe I jumped onto your boat. Or I was just floating at the top of the water... waiting to be picked out of the water so easily? I don't know. But I do know I felt like that 100 lb. Marlin for you, which is why it hurt so much. The question is not, was I the 100 lb. Marlin or not, it is why am I not the fisherman?

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    I enjoyed reading it. The story was interesting and flowed along well.
    Welcome Smile
    Sad imagery in this, but it's well written. Definitely from the heart, you bring out your own voice in this really well.
    Superb. Nicely done.