Heroes Welcome

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Friday 28, August 2020

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Never forget our soldiers, especially our young men and women who have devoted their lives in keeping Americans free .

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Unskilled and so bewildered they form the multi-task platoons. Acceptance in the Army to prove their self- worth, too. Harsh training and precision should help them work things through. So far from home and Heaven, the states in which they grew. A foreign desert shook with fury. New tech has crushed Al-Qaeda's plans. Shed blood, they'd pray it be the enemy's. Eradicated the Extremist Clans. They bravely fight for you, America. Facing insanity and losing limbs. Cheer them, our heroes welcome, for fallen brothers caskets ....... shall never cease to roll-on in. It's tragic and so ironic ...... when soldiers perish for America's cause. Specially , if mothers are the only ones honoring them by placing flowers at their cross. written on: August 27, 2020

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    Good work, I love that last stanza especially.
    Good subject matter. I found it quite relatable. One question, I noticed the first three stanzas had an AB CB rhyme pattern but the last two did not. I was wondering if that was planned. Over all, nicely done.
    Vietnam vet here. It touches a nerve.