Random Rhyme Stanzas

Limerick written by pirate60 on Sunday 23, August 2020

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Random rhyme stanzas: I saw little darling Daphne, playing in her dress. She slipped into a puddle of mud, Oh, what a mess. Her brother’s name was Tommy, he saw her sitting there. He laughed so hard he too fell in, oh what a funny pair. There upon a nearby hill, I saw a little lamb. Next to lamb there watched a boy, that boy his name was Sam. Now Sam he was a shepherd and that explains the lamb. The lamb and Sam were on a Quest looking for a lost ram. High above there flew a bird, soaring on a breeze. Below the bird I saw a horse and that horse began to sneeze. On a rock I saw a man, straw hat upon his head. In his hand he held a pipe. “Gesundheit horse, he said. Near a sparkling brook, I saw a house of twigs. It’s said there lived inside that house, three little pigs. Three pigs they say in house of twigs, I think that is quite funny. For breakfast I saw them eating three eggs, one scrambled, one poached, one runny. Floating on a pond nearby, there swam a bright green frog. Watching frog I observed a dog laying upon a log. The dog on log began to bark when it heard a distant noise. That noise it came from a nearby field, from a group of boys. Out in the distance I heard a cry, like “Cock-a-doodle-do.” It must be farmer Joe’s rooster calling Joe and his wife, Betsy Lou. It’s morning Joe Rooster must be calling, Get up, it’s time to rise. The rooster cried that quite loudly I think, as if to emphasize.

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    Wow, this piece is so cute, fresh !! You did a fantastic job in making it rhyme.Grin:
    If you have some time, read my poem Night Shadow. I tried to make it rhyme.
    would love to get your feed back. Again awesome job!!Wink
    Thanks for taking time to view my piece, I also read some of your other pieces and was wowed by your ability to make lines rhyme. As for trying to publish goes, I looked into it but found it to expensive. Maybe someday . How about you.Smile
    Been a while since I have read anything from you pirate Smile

    A lovely and funny rhyme as always. Brought back some childhood memories Smile
    This definitely brought a smile to my face, really liked it.
    Lovely! Very entertaining.