Story written by Zo on Saturday 8, August 2020

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A short story about a hero and villain meeting while getting bread. (Don’t take this one too seriously.)

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It’s okay to make mistakes is a great rhetoric, unless you have someone’s life in your hands. Turns out people don’t like it when you hurt them, even when you’re trying to help them. “Hero is still under scrutiny-“ I turned the news off. I already knew my mistake, I went over it in my head hundreds of times and analyzed every possible thing I could’ve done differently. However, that didn’t matter, because the mistake was made and everyone knew. “I need an escape,” I thought while pacing back and forth in my kitchen, “And I also need bread.” Before I knew it I was off to find bread. I found bread in the first place I looked, the bread isle at a grocery store. I crouched down, feeling the coldness radiating off the floor. In the corner a T.V. played the same news story I had tried to escape from, mocking me for even trying in the first place. “Something wrong?” A familiar sounding voice asked. Without looking I responded sarcastically, “Yeah, there’s not enough bread in my life.” The stranger chuckled, “Everyone has that problem. But y’know, you cant solve everyone’s problems. After all, different people like and need different kinds of bread.” “That metaphor feels strangely specific to my life, but I feel like you’re kinda downplaying my problems.” I glanced over, “Villain?” I asked as calmly as possible, trying to hide the shock from my voice. Your plain clothed nemesis giving you advice with bread metaphors in a food store isn’t something that happens often. “Y’know Hero, I’m glad we both needed bread because I wanted to talk to you.” They paused and briefly made eye contact, “I don’t think this is working out-“ “Are you breaking up with me?” I said with a false sense of urgency, startling another customer who shuffled away awkwardly. Villain chuckled again, “I was thinking more of a change in relationship. We both clearly want change in the world, but we aren’t getting anywhere by fighting. All the meanwhile, the media profits off us and politicians use us for their own political gain. Not to mention how the public views us.” They gestured at the news story, “Why don’t we work together to see some real change for once?” We fell silent, focusing on the bread while shopping carts clacked around us. “What we have to ask now is, are heroes really necessary or do they cause more harm than good?” The T.V. blared. I picked out two loaves of white bread. A dull bread, but their plainness was something I envied. I looked at Villain and their gaze met mine. “Would you like to exchange numbers?”

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    Ah! Excellent! Lovely little bit of humor.
    Very good, I liked this a lot.