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Fantasy written by MissDartit on Thursday 23, July 2020

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A short story on home coming. It has been 3 years since I have written anything other than academic papers so bare with me.

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“Lieutenant” a blond head appeared in the cabin doorway. The young lad sported a big grin as their eyes met “We’re here!” He said before vanishing from sight. “We’re here! We’re here” He shouted, half running down the hallway. Chira got out of the bed and peered outside his cabin. He watched as the other crew members emerged from their cabins upon hearing the news, smiling and laughing. The day had finally arrived. After months, for some members, years. They were … Home. Chira grabbed his sword and attached it around his waist, following other crew members out on to the deck. As he reached the top of the stairs he could feel the warm wind on his skin. He took a deep breath and savoured the feeling of contentment. The ship continued to soar across the sky towards their destination. Chira opened his eyes again and watched as the crew on duty hurried with their assigned tasks. Eager to finish as much of it as possible before they would dock. “Lieutenant!” The blond mop of hair appeared before him again, the grin still plastered across his face. Chira could not help but smile back. “Haru.” He followed the young lad as he crossed the deck, towards the bow. Once Haru reached the edge he leaned over and stared at the clouds beneath them, he could barely contain his excitement. “If you lean over further, you’ll end up falling overboard.” Chira mused as he too leaned over the edge. Haru laughed at him. “it’s fine, besides I have you to save me.” “Oh, who said I’d save you?” Chira snickered as he leaned back up. “Aw, how can you be so cruel to your subordinates?” the blond pretended to pout, resting his head in hands. “Not cruel, just sensible.” Haru replied. They both stood silently and watched as the birds and various other creatures of the avian nature flew next to the ship as if guiding it to its destination. Suddenly Chira picked up on a faint but familiar screeching noise coming from under the ship. He grinned, grabbed the rope on his left, and climbed up on to the edge, leaning outwards, basking in the warm wind. “Lieutenant?” Haru looked puzzled at Chira “I am pretty sure that’s more dangerous than leaning over the edge.” a hint of worry could be heard in his voice as he spoke. Chira just smiled. Another screech filled the sky and suddenly from below, two griffins emerged from the clouds. Everyone on the ship ran to the edge and watched in amazement as these giant creatures gently flew next to the ship. “Ahoy!” a male voice shouted at them as he waved his hand. People on the ship waved back in excitement, shouting back. “Chira! Haru!” the other rider shouted. Haru lifted both his arms and waved “Ahoy! Captain Lokie.” smiling from ear to ear. Chira locked eyes with Lokie. The older man gave him a faint nod, no words needed to be said. They both knew the question and the answer. Chira closed his eyes and let go of the rope, falling from the skip. “Lieutenant!” Haru shouted, a little shocked that the man had just jumped ship. Seconds felt like minutes as he scanned the sky for any sign of Chira. Although he knew very well that Chira had not just jumped overboard at random, he could not help but worry a little. Suddenly from the corner of his eye, he spotted movement. A screech pierced through the sky as another griffin appeared from the clouds carrying Chira on its back. Haru let out a small sigh of relief. “Want a ride?” Lokie shouted to Haru. “Seriously?” Lokie nodded in response, Haru could not contain his excitement, doing a small victory dance before looking around to find the best way to get up on to the edge. Lokie watched in amusement “You got to jump.” Haru climbed up on to the edge and held on to the rope, a small part of him told him he was nuts. It was sure death if Lokie did not catch him. He looked down onto his feet, hesitating. The sound of the ship soaring through the sky became louder the longer he stood there. Shit, he thought to himself. “Come Haru, jump!” Lokie shouted. Sapphire coloured eyes met ink black ones. Fuck it! Haru thought and let go of the rope. “AHHHHHHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKK” Haru screamed as he fell through the sky. The older man wholeheartedly laughed before diving after Haru, catching him as he fell. “Are you fucking mad Captain Lokie?!?!” Haru screamed at the older man who was still laughing. “Oi, are you listening?” “Hold on kid, or you’re going to fall off.” Lokie said, ignoring the younger lads rant as he instructed the griffin to climb. Upon feeling the shift in the griffin’s motions Haru grabbed the back of Lokie’s jacket and held on. Within seconds they emerged from the clouds and into the clear blue sky, revealing Dalr city, in all its glory. Haru could not help but stare in awe. They were finally here … home.

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    I know it's only a short story, but I'd quite like to read more about these characters and see where they go from here.

    Couple of mistakes, but nothing major: 'sapphire coloured met ink black ones.' I'm guessing 'eyes' is missing? When Haru first calls to Lokie, you just need a new paragraph for the new speaker.

    The rest is well written though, I liked it.
    Ah, Cheers. Corrected it Smile
    Yes, you could very easily expand this nice little vignette. Good job.