Poem written by Zo on Thursday 2, July 2020

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A poem that explores our definition of love and the boundaries that come with it.

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Love I’m not used to this kindness, Something more than basic human dignity, I was unaware of my blindness, I never knew of this relationship, Void of romance or kinship, Still I’d do anything to see their smile, But I cannot escape these four walls, That do not let me say anything at all, One day, I swear, I’ll make amends, Say I love you, And hug my friends.

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    Very true!
    Sad that the huggers are wise enough to stay home, trapped as we feel, and all lose from their absence. And worse, the loud and callous take the field blundering, blustering and blasting virally.

    Cool However, next time I think you should use a larger font.