Tales of Avarias - Prologue

Story written by Blue Violet on Wednesday 1, July 2020

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I’m no mind reader. I’m no psych. But what I can tell you is a story.

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Tales of Avarias written by Carnum Capriccius Prologue It would be largely appropriate to explain that the seemingly transpired events written in this account resulted from a single game. A game, mind you, with multiple players and a game master, where made-up characters are immersed into a made-up world and tested through all sorts of trials and tribulations by this game master. There was all manner of fun that arose from the shared spaces of imaginations of half a dozen individual minds, and the curiosity of every suspense became transformed into excitement as the game master guides the player along a storytelling voyage of adventure and peril. Digressions of idleness filled with laughter and learning. The long hours of travel made of use for relationship and reminiscence. Furious battles landmarked by grit and gallantry. The hours would trickle by unnoticed and soon the game would conclude, forcing the tired reality back onto their lives, each to their own pains. And during the week there would be signs of withdrawal. Uneasiness during work. Discomfort for our young student from the distant Institute. Impatience for the merchant. One whose indulgences were far from this pleasure can hardly imagine the endless, uneventful hours of waiting. Waiting for the next gathering. Waiting for heroism, for mystery, for comedy. Waiting for the moments which seem to capture the regular weekly dose of true emotion. Waiting for the next game. Alas, such is the nature of all roleplaying and storytelling games. However, this account is not about bickering on the specifics of this game. There are other books written for that purpose, and it would serve nothing but plain dismissal were I to write anything in concerning with this game. Therefore, I have decided to write an account of the countless hours of fun that I enjoyed. How can one’s imagination run so wild that the mind can be occupied for hours on end with naught but tall tale and faery ale? How does one’s imagination have so much space for thought and sense that could physically and emotionally fabricate an entirely different persona, let alone multiple of them? My answer has always been and always will be, “Who knows?” I’m no mind reader. I’m no psych. But what I can tell you is a story, one that may just as well sweep you off your feet and take you through the long stretches of the Red Road, the thick jungles of the Brigherde, the winding cascades of the Irycreek, and the ice-capped peaks of the Frostheart. And thus, it would also be largely appropriate to welcome you to the world of Avarias.

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    Wow. What an intro. It serves its purpose. We now clearly know what to expect in the coming stories.
    If it's useful, I offer these comments. But if it is discouraging, just ignore them.
    Since you are the author, what you write is what it is. So it weakens the story when you qualify things. It's just 'appropriate' not 'largely appropriate'. It's 'transpired events' not 'seemingly transpired events'. etc.
    The things you write are weakened by duplication. Saying it twice either wears it out or conveys uncertainty. So 'transpired events written in this account' would be better as 'this account of events'. 'transpired' is an unneeded echo of 'events' 'witten' is an unneeded echo of 'account'. etc.
    Your intro offers two gifts to the reader. There is the imagined world itself. 'Sweep you off your feet' with 'tall tales and faery ale' The other is 'an account of the countless hours of fun that I enjoyed'. I suspect descriptions of you and your players and their experiences while playing will be of equal or greater interest to the readers. Just my opinion.
    An excellent prologue! Nicely done.