Death Metal!

Poem written by Kombustible on Saturday 20, June 2020

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fiddling while rome burns

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Dancing on car hoods during civil unrest a flaming periphery of charred infrastructure while rioters cheer on collapse with fist pumps as liberty dies dark grace note like the eye of a storm Live it up while twilight falls here in the cracked heart of it, exultant you too can bask in the fever glow of our burning world an audience of shades to witness weightlessness as it all presses down most get flattened by free-fall as reference points vanish but we get to glide through the fire untouched while our hair singes The heat is on but happiness is a slow burn smoldering in the hearth of our perfect storm as the ramparts give way they might sing damnation on cue like a choir of ragged kazoos but our band marches to a different beat a thrumming bass line beneath the noise proper tunes can be sung even in a squall so just push past the opening act to hold this guitar stringed with garroting wire Cut a rug on Ragnarok cause here comes the next act, headbangers...

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    Powerful. You certainly can write expressively and well.
    Whether you can think is another matter.
    We'll see. The rough beast you imagine may not be the real one.
    I think Metallica fans would love you! Cool