Poem written by Fictitiously imaginative on Monday 15, June 2020

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A little something I think people need to know regarding people going through depression.

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"Ohh so you're depressed! You know you mustn't be, All you feel are hormones, You'll be fine if you keep busy!" "Your depression is not a disease, It's just you having no work, Stop crying, you are not weak! This isn't the time to sulk." ENOUGH! I do not need, For you to lecture me, I'm depressed and it's a problem, Wanna help? Your love I need. Just a hug and be patient, Listen while I speak, I'll tell you all my problems, Just please listen to me. Don't tell me I'm being stupid, When I tell you I feel low, Instead hold me in your arms, You're there, I need to know. Tell me that you'll stay, My pain won't steer you away, 'Cause your support I really need, To keep negativity at bay. When you say that you are there, Don't just say it but mean it, Knowing that you try to understand, Will help me get fit.

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    A well expressed appeal. I hope it influences others to describe and ask for the support they need.
    Quite well written. And also quite true.
    This topic is one unfortunately I can relate to. Very nicely written, great job.
    As always write on. Wink