Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Friday 5, June 2020

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Origins I am now willing to pen a critical essay of bachelorhood. I shall be scholarly and I shall appeal to the reader's ethos as well I shall snatch their pathos. But in the meanwhile and meantime, I shall use my lazy fingers to jot down a passage recounting the silenced millions who found themselves entangled in a world of dull images that incriminate obesity alopecia virginity maternal affection and other items affecting the bliss of Happy Couples. I have lived for more than twenty five years of a waking life and have never felt the urge for matrimony to feel that I matter. I have never felt the urge I should preach the virtue of matrimony and tell the opposing others they do not matter. I keep cultivating a passion of words whose origins remain unknown and the origin of this of passion of mine remains unknown.

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    You and Diogenes. Nothing wrong with looking deeper or learning more.
    And, as you clearly state, nothing wrong with refusing social pressure whenever it is baseless.
    lmao! As one bachelor to another, and I am 67 and have been single all of my life:

    "YOU TELL 'EM!"
    Wow! Thanks!