Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Thursday 4, June 2020

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The surreal events we now face with this pandemic.

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How stygian and somber the nights now seem. Cargo and cruise ships no longer grace the waterways on the horizon. Traffic lights invaded by the void distance, faintly gleam. A new norm is now in place; And outlook of our modern world seems, dire. Commercial planes no longer own the star-lit skies; Nor conveyance sounds or people stroll the desolate streets, tonight. But there's so much more we stand to lose than all of this; More than bi-weekly wages, basic products or weekend social gathering scenes. Heroic first responders, nurses and physicians scramble to assist the infected influx despite the scarcity of PPE. While, covid-19's rampage races to breach its previous death-toll peak. We face a viral menace, the likes of which only the Bible has foretold. The Stock Market with an uncertain future plummets brought on by its invisible assault. Our savings, vacation plans, and lucid minds with news of the pandemic's widespread seizure......... quake. But the ultimate price is paid by those elderly and health-stricken souls it taints and then..... eliminates. written on: March 24, 2020

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    Perfectly summed up. It omits the one final note which none dare voice. In all our hearts we hide the truth--many more of these vulnerable will die unnecessarily because we don't care.
    Very well stated. Nicely written.