Poem written by Zo on Thursday 4, June 2020

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A poem about being in the closet.

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I looked at my labels, But found myself instead, Should I tell them who I am? To rid this pain in my head, Do you think I’m selfish? For not taking the labels they gave me, But if I chose my own labels, I’ll finally be free, Still I fear, This danger that lurks, But what’s wrong? They’re only words, Perhaps this euphoria, Is subject to change, So I’ll sit in this closet, And hope they don’t think I’m strange.

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    Simple. Clear. Poetic. Nicely done. That balance between the most difficult achievement, having found oneself and the remainder, how to deal with it. The hardest part is done. The rest is just a process.
    We have a run of despair in the last three poems I've read. I most surely hope these poems are not autobiographical.

    They are, however, well written. Please let them be a reflection or a commentary, and not a fact.