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Essay written by jmva93 on Thursday 28, May 2020

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TIMES PAST We all have that one song. You know, a song that brings us back to our past with a smile on our faces. For me, its always “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) by Looking Glass, 1972. One hit wonders, but what a hit. Brings me right back to my youth, sitting with friends on some stoop on a warm summer evening. I can remember what I would have been wearing: white T-shirt, blue Lee jeans, and white Converse Chuck Taylor All star sneakers. High tops of course. I can feel the cool breeze as we sing along with the song, watching the girls walk by. Puffing ourselves up as they pass, nodding our heads in their direction. The girls, oblivious to our charms, just walked right by. It wasn’t until much later in life I realized the girls saw us. They ignored us because at that age girls are much more mature than guys, and they just knew we weren’t ready for them. Songs like that bring us back to a time in our lives that we felt good about ourselves. It could be when you had your first beer. Or the first time you were with a girl. Wherever you were when you found your song, it remains with you today. Look back, not with regret, because going down that road will lead to ruin. Look back fondly, because no matter where you are in life now, no matter how you feel about your present situation, you will always have that time in your life. Some people never do, so “Brandy, you’re a fine girl indeed.

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    Very well stated, my friend. And this is from a 67-year old.
    Thanks. Pleasant thoughts for us old-timers. Well written.