Dearest Country

Poem written by Zo on Friday 22, May 2020

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An amateur poem about the state of American politics.

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Mother Blue and Father Red Pulled their child apart And soon enough Purple was dead It didn’t break their heart Oversimplified and over complicated Many things were said A broken country is fated And all I feel is dread Is a dollar worth more than a man Who goes to work to die We know the Reaper is a fan But still the people cry Am I the stupid one To love a place I hate to love Perhaps it’s overdone To love a place I shouldn’t love I understand animosity exists But before we all end up dead We need to put down our fists And have a chat instead.

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    So nicely written and seems to flow so well. Greatly done. Smile
    Very well done, feels like things are exactly the same in the UK. I love the 4th stanza especially, the frustration of knowing the country you love could and should be doing better. And like the last stanza says, we need to be talking and listening to each other more, especially with people we disagree with.
    Excellent, and very true, observation.

    "A house divided against itself cannot stand." - Abraham Lincoln