I Am Mine

Poem written by IndecentAccident on Thursday 21, May 2020

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Overcoming depression

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You've taken all you can Yet defiant, I still stand No headspace where you can be Now that I belong to me I know you hate being fought As I disregard all you've taught I know nothing you say is real Now that my will is made of steel It looked like we'd do this forever An eternity linked and chained together But I am not yours to push around You'll see I will not be held down I expect you'll fight back Be as stubborn as I in attack But for now, I believe I'll be fine For now I say that I am mine

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    Great piece of poetry. It definitely illustrates the fight against depression, but if I didn't know better, this could also be talking drug abuse or other addictions and the fight against them. Great work.
    Oh, wow! Defiance! Great job!
    Amazing piece! Smile
    Absolutely brilliant
    Awesome piece, a really nice flow, write on.:Smile