I Am Mine

Poem written by IndecentAccident on Thursday 21, May 2020

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Overcoming depression

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You've taken all you can Yet defiant, I still stand No headspace where you can be Now that I belong to me I know you hate being fought As I disregard all you've taught I know nothing you say is real Now that my will is made of steel It looked like we'd do this forever An eternity linked and chained together But I am not yours to push around You'll see I will not be held down I expect you'll fight back Be as stubborn as I in attack But for now, I believe I'll be fine For now I say that I am mine

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    Great piece of poetry. It definitely illustrates the fight against depression, but if I didn't know better, this could also be talking drug abuse or other addictions and the fight against them. Great work.
    Assume piece, a really nice flow, write on.:Smile
    Oh, wow! Defiance! Great job!
    Amazing piece! Smile
    Absolutely brilliant