What a High to Die On

Poem written by IndecentAccident on Thursday 14, May 2020

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The end of a really good night

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All I've known is feeling low But I've taken all that I can All the better when the darkness goes And I can die a happy man No complaints if this is my last night I've finally wandered far from the light It's not a feeling I can rely on But what a high to die on I was numb to the company of friends Twisted and broken by my thoughts Now I'm hoping the night won't end It'd be a waste of the fights I've fought But if it's to be my last day Life couldn't end in a better way No need to cry on For what a high to die on

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    Finally, I'm able to comment on your written works. For some reason, I haven't been able to post when I tap post comments. But please know I've read and really enjoyed your short story regarding the Bigfoot. I see you are quite good in poetry,
    as well. Smile
    Very sad. Excellent imagery.