I will exist

Prose written by kaa_the_snake on Tuesday 12, May 2020

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About how emptiness is only ended by self-creation

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Trying to spill out feelings through words, as if emptying an ocean through a faucet. But how can one spill out the void? It is already empty. I am an endless reservoir of nothingness. And I will be forever, unless I create my own essence. My existence is not casual. My existence is now formal. I shall build castles in the emptiness. I will build an empire out of the void. (Didn't you say I was good at making a big thing out of nothing?) And thus, I will exist.

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    You are right. For the buttoned up, 'I think therefore I exist'. But for the passionate, 'I feel'. Storm away. This was well expressed. I think this is a drive that will serve well for anyone, perhaps yourself, who needs to rage. I'm in a third camp. The nobodies. Like my heroine.
    Beautifully done.

    'I shall build castles in the emptiness.
    I will build an empire out of the void.'
    I love this, the defiance in the face of the darkness. Really well done.
    Quite good. It is a bit heavyweight for my taste, but, other than that, well written.