Poem written by HARESH63 on Monday 11, May 2020

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SINDHI KOKI (Haresh raisinghani) To make crispy maseladar kokis, Mixing 1 cup of pure ghee, With 2 cups of flour is absolutely necessary, People much concerned about health May Mix a cup of olive oil instead, But mixing pure ghee with cooking or olive oil, Doesn’t taste or make kokis worth the toil, Now rock & roll ingredients very well, A knead that sticks to fingers till you get, Worry not eves, if knead some sticks on fingers, For taste of this koki months on lingers, To this plain pure “kent” water you must pour, Till bonded properly, kent you must add some more. Care is must to get a dough, Unlike chapattis, it is a bit tough, Leaves coriander, chillies green, onions chopped To this you must now add, Not to forget, for lovely taste buds, A pinch of salt you must also add. Not much different is koki of black pepper, ‘tead of onions, leaves coriander & chillies green, Mixed with flour, pure ghee & water, is only black pepper, neat & clean. Kokis good & thick if you want to make, Dough balls double the size of chapattis you must take, Roll & roll them you must now to get shape perfect round, Fling them on shallow pan & flip some more ghee all around, Toss them up & down, till you get shade that is golden brown, No wonder wives often worry as that much ghee can put lots of flab all around. To find out how good these kokis taste, Eat you must them with tea, coffee or egg omlette, Sweet kokis are a class apart, Religious custom’ are they now a part, Idea is to let eve of house take complete rest, For, after kokis are made previous eve, no cooking is allowed day next, Pure ghee & flour ratio remaining same, Jaggery sweetened water is used ‘tead of water plain, Sweet kokis are always eaten with pickle,” matha” or plain curd, Further enjoyable is taste if a chunk of butter, on top, is hurled. Sweet kokis as such have no “expiry date” Consumed within 15 days is best when they taste, For these taste good & life that is long, Often during journeys long, these kokis are taken along. If you remember my recipe, do not forget to send me at least one koki.

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    I enjoyed this poem very much. Sounds delicious, both as the flavors came togehter and for the images of its creation. It was fun. I also enjoyed looking up all the stuff I had never heard of before. Thanks for the poem and thanks for the cultural exposure. Sweet as jaggery.
    Nicely put together, well done, also recipe sounds easy to make, good job.

    "No wonder wives often worry as that much ghee can put lots of flab all around."

    What a marvelous line!