You're Mine

Poem written by IndecentAccident on Wednesday 6, May 2020

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A poem about depression

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I wish you'd see I'm the blood in your veins The cancer infecting your brain I'm the poison on your tongue I am the smoke in your lungs I hope you know I am the heart Of every person that tears you apart I am the light in the eyes Of all those wishing you'd die Now you see I am you in the dark Now I am everything you are I'm your words when you say you're fine Because when you're low, you're mine

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    The poem is understandably painful. Been there. I have no good advice for it. I was just lucky to get through. Your poem speaks to all of us who know.
    Oh wow. Very good. And very scary. You capture the debilitating feeling of Depression nicely.
    Profoundly deep and relatable. It expresses the demons within well. Very well written.