Insomniac brain

Poem written by Fictitiously imaginative on Tuesday 5, May 2020

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Sort of a free verse. Hope you like it! :)

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This is the time, I'm alone with my thoughts, Not just physically, But mentally too. This is the time, My body and mind, Both want and need, To feel peace. As a thread is beaded, Slowly but continually, My mind roams, And thoughts occur. Some wanted, Some unwanted, Some expected, Some not. Some stay, Some leave, Some make me numb, Some shake me. Some leading to singing, Some leading to dancing, All alone, Some leading to sleep. Although sleep these days, Is like a stranger, A stranger so handsome, A stranger so familiar. Yet a stranger to me, For it won't come, For it feels to be, Unknown by me. The night is thus, My favourite time, And also the one I dread. For the need to sleep, I know is urgent, But sleep seems far away.

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    Very nice. The early part made me suspect that there may be many people whose sleep cycle, like yours and mine, has been altered by the great shift in daily rhythms. Consequently we, or maybe just I, am sleepy at odd times and not sleepy at bed time. And dreams seem different also. I'm surprised this has not been mentioned on public airwaves. I would think it is common.
    I can completely relate too, you've captured the frustration of this really well. Nicely done.
    Very good. Nicely put together, and the linear presentation used to describe insomnia works well.