The World Like it is Now.

Stage Play written by Rob Kosy on Wednesday 29, April 2020

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It's a load of shit! Read it if y'want!

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Hi, Denizens. Most of you won’t know me, (couple of years since I posted) but I’m the one who makes up the words that Don Roble uses in his marvellous postings about Texas n’such. Don, you’re welcome. Anyway, I just wanted to vent my lungs, so to speak, about the current crisis the world has gone and got itself into. …. ….It’s SHIT!
(No that’s not the end but I’m giving Mr Roble a chance to stop reading and say this was utter shite, like it most definitely is). I’m drunk y’see; not ‘tipsy,’ but DRUNK. You wouldn’t believe how long it’s taken me to type half this crap. KT will have my bollocks for grammar n’spelling when he sees this. I’m off work tomorrow, so I thought I’d sink a few Stella’s and (having the time, for a change) spend a little time in a place that I’ve always loved; this ‘Palace of Prose,’ this ‘Hub of Inspiration;’ this ‘Deen of Immature Wiring.’ Anyway: THE POINT! Okay, I work in a food distribution depot - have done for 22 years - and, during the current crisis, our company is delivering Care Boxes to people who have been deemed vulnerable and should, under no circumstances, leave their homes for whatever reason. The boxes contain all the essentials one* might require to see one* through 7 days until the next box comes. *One means ‘you’ or whomever the box’s recipient happens t’be. I’m English; Don, KT and Chris expect shite like that! However, there is no booze inside, no happy backy (Look that one up in your ‘Urban Dictionary,’ Chris) and no Suduko. What a load of shite! However, the boxes are saving LIVES! I’m classed as, what the government call, ‘a key worker,’ but the real heroes are the guys (not me) who deliver this stuff to the people who really need it. Yea, I know, ‘why doesn’t the knob (me) just get on with it?’ Okay, I’m getting there, man. During this lock down (and this is a very recent occurrence) people have been damaging the cars of those they see on the road. (Yes, they’re thicker than a slab of mince but, never the less, it’s happening.) It hasn’t happened to me….yet, but what are these buckets (spell check; that should have said ‘bastards’) on? (just thought it was funny). If they’re chucking bricks at cars in England….. ……WTF is Don Roble shooting at them in Texas? Okay, not my greatest literary offering but, probably, the most honest. Stay SAFE, everyone. We WILL come out the other end of this if we just do as we’re told. I know that ‘goes against the grain’ for a lot of people but just do it Y’STUPID C**TS

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    Rob, my friend, you never fail to amuse. In fact, I do believe you and Don are brothers in spirit.

    Peace. Grin
    Now that's a compliment, Bob.
    Just like a comment from your good self.
    I hope you're doing well and I know you're staying safe because keeping yourself safe makes others the same.
    But I don't have to tell you that.
    See you on the other side of all this crap, kt.