Beautiful brown eyes

Poem written by Fictitiously imaginative on Sunday 26, April 2020

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A short poem...hope you like it :)

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When I look into his eyes, The world ceases to exist, Those beautiful brown eyes, Have me mesmerized. Time loses meaning, Worries melt away, Those beautiful brown eyes, Make me sway. Happiness fills me, As i further drown, In those beautiful brown eyes, And forget my frowns. I feel hypnotised, I feel magical, Those beautiful brown eyes, Of that beautiful Angel. Words cannot describe, How thankful I've been, To look into those eyes, That looked back at me. Time loses meaning, I feel I'm in a trance, At those beautiful brown eyes, I need to glance. They make my day, They make me free, In front of those eyes, I am truly me.

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    Just lovely. Gentle, caring, warm. Woven together by the theme of her eyes. All the different positive tropes about eyes brought to bear upon one's devotion. And concluded with that beautiful flourish, 'I am truly me.' Thanks. It was a wonderful grace note to my day.
    thanks Smile
    Glad to know you liked it.
    His eyes, I mean. I can be so dense.
    Very good. Excellent imagery.