When All Things Pass

Poem written by IndecentAccident on Saturday 25, April 2020

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A poem on the transience of life

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Shame on you who desire immortality For there is nothing to call your own You're forever cold and alone When all things pass Why shudder at the thought of passing? You're unable to restore us No different than those before us When all things pass It is pointless to crave posthumous fame For long after time has erased you There is no one left to praise you When all things pass There's no use avoiding the reaper There can be no hiding place Better to greet him with an embrace When all things pass When looking back at life Accept the fading of the light And go graciously into goodnight When all things pass

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    As a DT fan, I'm on the other side of your conclusion. But I am definitely on your side regarding your talent. Well written. Well stated and evocative presentations of the stoic way of facing death. I could see a separate, deep concept in each stanza. I was amazed at how well each one was framed without being pedantic. I could not do that. In the first stanza, I saw missed opportunities at life when distracted by immortality (which was DT's point, I think). Grief in the second. Fame in the third. And fear in the fourth. With a concluding call for acceptance. Brilliant.
    Very nice. Nice pace and timing.