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On narrow treacherous mountain roads where drivers fight for every inch of road, larger vehicles trying to shove smaller vehicles out of existence in a blatant contemptuous show of their prowess, suddenly realization dawns how precious life is!!! Oh god! Allow me to live another day! Lots of unfinished jobs to be done, we often think. But there is no guarantee for life here. One false reckless step and you could be hurtled down miles below in a seemingly bottom less pit and if fall does not crush your bones and snuff your life, gushing icy waters are sure to sweep you away. Every turn makes you tremble in your seat, every twist in road makes you anxious, ironically these bends in paths emphasis twists, turns and uncertainties of life. No matter how smart we think are, no matter how power arsenal we accumulate, sometimes a small error, a small mistake, a small dinky seemingly inconsequential virus can bring all our might and all power to its knees. There are only two ways to traverse through uncertainties of life, sit tight fidget in fear or face them on, as I found out on these treacherous roads. Either I close my eyes tightly, squirm in fear or keep eyes wide open & enjoy the beauty of nature. I preferred to keep my eyes open and instead of looking down & squirm in fear I looked up & front. And viola …..”PAREIDOLIA!!!!” PAREIDOLIA is phenomenon of seeing faces in clouds, rocks or in just about anything. The word Pareidolia is derived from the Greek words para, meaning besides, alongside, instead of, and the noun eidōlon, meaning image, form or shape. The phenomena of Pareidolia is believed to have helped our ancestors survive the difficulties of life during evolution and helped reduce the anxiety. Transiting through anxious moments, as presently we are, we can well imagine how our ancestors lived in trying and hard conditions. Let us see how many shapes or faces we can find in these clouds & rocks!!! Let the game begin….. while we are at it , we can label them funnily or attribute some funny quote to them and post them online.

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    What a wonderful outlook on life! Well said!

    As a wise man once said, "Take some time and sip the coffee."

    Who was that wise man? Me! Grin