Splendid Beach

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Friday 10, April 2020

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A description of a troubled mind.

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I carved desired goals upon the crystal sands. But, soon after storms defaced my plans. Vitality's grains have since then drained and dried. My sense of belonging, who I am or why..... A desolate beach now whispers my name; Beneath jagged boulders and pummeling wakes. Like a wounded humpback feels when whaling ships close-in. Or a captured dolphin used for its aquatic tricks. Its shores are now teeming with saltys and sharks, alike. How can this green turtle nest in such adverse habitat. Landfill imbues my shelter; Which long ago held pleasant sands. But to dare venture off its coast, is to face worse perils, then. This once superb oasis has now reached its brink; Strangled by restrictive seaweed and contaminating grief. Where the sand-lice roam, and cracked dreams are seen; That's what now encumbers, this mind's splendid beach. written on: August 25, 2019

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    A very sad poem. Excellent imagery. Nicely written.
    Very well written. Amazing how you kept so many metaphors connected to both the location and the subject and the moods.
    I love the imagery in this, and the metaphors are really well done. Enjoyed it.