Their Rejection

Poem written by Zo on Thursday 9, April 2020

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An amateur poem about rejecting someone’s confession.

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Upon this rock Where we live Spring comes again And I lay Shrouded in warmth Hoping we will still be friends I’m sorry for my loveless self I refused to take your hand Unknowing of how I felt I desired your warmth, not your love, But led you to believe I returned it A guilt I won’t be free of Now I lay alone in my loneliness Wishing I wasn’t so cold.

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    Kindness or loneliness misinterpreted as romantic love is certainly no grounds for guilt. Nor can it be called an intentional deception. But one feels what one feels. Your poem does a good job of conveying the regret and guilt and sadness for loss of a friend who wanted to see only one part of you and missed all the rest.


    Thank you dickensonfan. I know it’s not my fault, but I can’t help but feel like the bad guy, especially when in media the one rejecting someone is always painted as the villain. I would always hate those characters without even realizing how hard it actually is to reject someone.
    Ah, this is sad. Nice emotional imagery here.
    I love the contrast between the warmth and emotional coldness being felt, great choice of words to get across those emotions too. I can definitely relate.