The Vision

Fable written by dickensonfan on Tuesday 31, March 2020

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The obvious portrayed as a vision.

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The Vision II Corinthians 12:2,4 “I know a man who was caught up to the third heaven…and he heard things that cannot be told” I can’t claim the third heaven. Neither could Paul. That was his point. He just wanted his people to take seriously the truth they were trying to ignore. I liked the image. To predict the obvious, portrayed as a vision, for those who would like to ignore it. On the highest promontory hulking above the new coastline looms a monument scribed with names—titans of industry, giants of government, powerful leaders, legendary influencers. In our graves we haven’t seen it. We know nothing of its existence. We chose to know nothing of its cause. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren vow to make a pilgrimage there. They come from all places…new deserts, weather savaged wastelands, drowned villages, pestilent cities, cast-offs from vanished livelihoods. They suffer any hardship to reach this sacred place. It is a badge of honor no less than the Hajj. Arriving at the site, they steel themselves for the climb to the monument’s base. There they cross the expansive grounds, eyes fierce, hands clenched, body trembling. Coming passionately close to its uncaring greatness, they take a spread leg stance…and piss on it.

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    Ok this is great. You've set quite a dystopian scene with few words, now I want to see what kind of world you build in here, and who is surviving it.
    Yo! Well done! Superb!