Your window to the world is now closed...

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Tuesday 24, March 2020

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Your window to the world is now closed. What you have been shying away from is now yours. You drain your heart's content to your heart's content to your THERAPIST, and they say, Time's up! There you were, Reaching a breakthrough, and all they think about is Time, like a Tekken destiny. But now you are a fighter of your own, one who chase away kicks and punches and find time with oneself.

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    How true! One must become the fighter!
    I like how you pick yourself up.
    Well done Kazuya. Jacob wrestled with God and got his leg broken for it. You have done a great job portraying ones emotional struggle through therapy. Hopefully the day will come to throw Heihachi off the bridge. I loved the word play on content and content. Ganbatte ne.
    Thank you, guys.
    Dickensonfan, never thought a Tekken scholar would come across this. You must hate Heihachi.