Story written by whosheeba on Wednesday 11, March 2020

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I remember in no particular order. Possibly the time was running quite slowly than the usual. I saw him for the very first time outside the premise of my college, walking placidly down the stairs with a princelike grace and an unwordly charm in his face.

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At first I saw him outside my college building walking down from stairs as a prince walking down from his throne with all the confidence and charm on his face, yet lost in his thoughts, unaware of my presence.. while his bag was hanging on his broad shoulder.. with unbuttoned black shirt, grey T-shirt and blue Jeans… and I was standing there watching him and smiling to myself about god knows what when he crossed me and went outside the college gates.. *************************** Once again I saw him, when I was in the bus and he entered the bus and went to the sit behind me, I was surprised and giggly with butterflies in stomach, and i don’t know why but i turned back in reflex to see him while he was going to sit in his seat, and for 2 seconds our eyes meet.. and I turned shockingly with the speed of light and again there was that smile on my cheeks.. his red&black check shirt with black T-shirt, ufff I cannot shake that image out of my mind.. that eye contact, that 2 second gaze, my heart was out of control… Next day I was working on my laptop giving final touches to my assignment in class when he entered the class and sat one seat ahead of me in the row next to me.. when i lifted my head from the laptop as I felt his presence, he was there, unaware of me, and I sat there smiling… And it became a routine after that also I had a spot outside college cafeteria where I would sit with my books, trying to read and thinking about him all the time, finding him in the characters of my stories.. I tried everything to see him everyday, we rode the same bus, i used to wait for him on the bus stop or sometime when I reach the stand he would already be there, listening some music through earphones, mouthing lyrics watching somewhere endlessly or scrolling his phone.. but this one day something happened.. ************************* I waited & waited 4 buses came and went and I was late for class but i wanted to wait more, one more bus came and i entered the bus but again was unsure of riding it was about to get down from it again, when , as i turned back to get down he entered in the bus, entering the bus from my right side & blocking my way from one hand in extending to hold the handle to the gate that was on my left side….. I was stunned, unable to move, holding my breath as my heart was about to explode, he spoke to driver to move the bus casually and went inside, again ignoring me.. I sat in canteen, with a plate of fried rice thinking about what have happened, or was that intentional or unintentional, moving spoon in my plate carelessly, while someone, on the other end or canteen was watching me and smiling… To be continued……

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    would really appreciate feedback from readers and writers.. this is my first time writing something..
    This is quite good. Please continue with it.
    Ow! The story is a page turner. Where is the rest of it?