Poem written by Fictitiously imaginative on Saturday 29, February 2020

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Some feelings penned down while i was low.

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I close my eyes to fall asleep, but sleep seems like a stranger. I try to be the happy me, but the fake smiles keep hurting further. Not everything is as it seems, and people aren't who they say they are. Everybody hides some pain, and lies about their scars. Sometimes some people break your walls, You become an open book. They promise to always stick around, but seeing you broken, they are shook. You trust people when you don't want to, cause you are taught to never give up. But ultimately everyone, leaves you, an empty cup. They say "life has its ups and downs, and it always get better" Although for one to reach that stage, is for one to feel better. To feel better when they're sad and blue, to have somebody to hold onto. Its difficult, oh, so truly frustrating, it makes imagination a monstrous being. Its the imagination that makes you joyful, and the imagination giving you sorrow too. The only thing I wish with every breath, is to close my eyes and wait for death.

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    Well written and clearly to understand, I really enjoyed reading this piece; nicely done. Smile
    Thanku lonelyhearts, I'm happy to know that you liked reading it. Appreciate you spending time to read my work Smile
    Oh wow. This is really sad. Nicely written.
    That was just incredible. memento mori. Good wishes from the dark ages. Occasionally means much more than 'G'day mate!' What you say of people is a painful truth. Each person's heart is like the burning bush. The closer you get to it, you realize you are standing on holy ground. You put off your shoes and approach reverently. It's very hard to do. And having done it, even harder to stay. And those who were approached and then abandoned find that life gets even darker. 'Hang on, it gets better' is really a joke. So what do we do? Give that joke a graveyard chuckle and keep plodding. It could get better. It could get worse. Either way, it will be. Memento mori.
    Deeply appreciate all your complimentsSmile
    Glad you could resonate with my words and just wanna say that holding on to life and hoping for a better time is all we can do so please don't ever give up. I wrote this while i felt the sorrow but i still decided not to give up and it's better.