Writer's block.

Poem written by musings on Thursday 20, February 2020

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Something I scribbled down when I was frustrated because I couldn't write. Please let me know what you all think about it :)

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Blank pages look at me, square in the eye, and i stare back. 'I can't fill up your spaces, I can't think of anything', I whisper apologetically. I find myself transported to other worlds and galaxies when I peek into other's minds, their words; And I wonder, when will I be able to create my own universe? When will I be able to trace constellations and draw meanings out of the stars that I count every night? They twinkle, they blink Urging my mind to think. I stare back at the sky, the stars in my eyes now. I tell myself to let their beauty sink in, let them help me build my thoughts; and that if the stars do promise to help, and one day I'd be able to recite my poems to the sky, I swear it'd be worth giving all the time of the universe, To my thoughts to form words of their own My stars, to form constellations of their own. My heart, to compose poems of its own. I'll let my heart pour I'll let my mind open. But with time. 'Promise one day you will', the stars whisper to me. I smile at that and they wink, and my heart feels light. I sit down beneath their gaze. It starts to rain outside the window and I pick up my pen. The rain feels like the sky showering stardust, and I start to write.

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    Although you might say this isn't a poem, to me it sounds very poetic. This piece is beautiful, well done!
    Nicely done. Sort of a mix of poetry and prose.
    I like it. Lovely description of the mind wandering when trying to write.
    Very well done. Stellar metaphor. It’s one of the three curses of writing—The Block, not being able to write, The Insight, knowing what you just wrote is drek, and the Pan, reading that what you wrote is drek. Anyway, you’ve broken free of all three of ‘em. Nice going.