People getting lost in the Wilderness

Story written by Cos99 on Sunday 16, February 2020

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I find writing a cathartic process and have difficulties in written word, but I really love writing, so any feedback in helping to improve my writing so that I can enjoy it more would be highly valued.

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Chad, Claricia, Sophie and William were mates who enjoyed pastimes together. Chad was master when it came to generating marvellous days out for the pals. He generally sprang ideas onto the others and 95% of the time they duly obliqued. Chads latest suggestion was a day out at a Wiltshire woodland called Savernake Forest. Chad had hitched a few joyrides around the local town near the forest called Marlborough. He was keen to explore the forest due to its vastness and beauty catching his eye when out in the car with the cool 17 year olds in their banged up ford fiestas. Chad and his pals were only 14, so the opportunity for Chad to joyride around with the adults in sixth form was beyond his wildest dreams. Chad had a nerdy and geeky older brother in the first year of sixth form. His older brother suggested to Chad that he should try and get the older kids approval due to knowing older people would come in handy through life's tribulations. Chad was a boisterous chap, so any opportunity to network with highly thought of people was duly taken by him. Claricia, Sophie and William, ‘Are you up for a wild day out at Savernake forest?’ Claricia and Sophie giggled and William sighed and said ‘okay mate, I am sure your latest trip for us will not disappoint. ‘Marvellous,’ exclaimed Chad. How is Saturday the 21st of October for you all?’ Chad very much knew this would be no problem due to it coinciding with the arrival of half term but he was very much a character who wanted to know that his nearest and dearest shared his passion for adventure. ‘You can count on us,’ Sophie said enthusiastically. Half term was only 5 days away. Claricia was busily connecting daisy flowers together to make daisy chains and said quietly ‘Days really do drag when you have maths lessons back to back 3 days straight.’ William looked at her sympathetically. ‘Do not become disheartened Claricia,’ Sophie said reassuringly. ‘Saturday will be upon us before you know it.’ Chad, Claricia, Sophie and William all attended Golders secondary state school comprehensive in Saltford near Bath. They had all recently started year 10, and the pressures of GCSEs and future life prospects felt like a long way off.

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    Okay, this is not bad. It very much is, however, unfinished. You have started a story, but did not end it. So you have a bit more work to do.

    "and 95% of the time they duly obliqued." I think you mean obliged, not obliqued.