We, young Libyan men...

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Saturday 15, February 2020

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We, young Libyan men, detest a certain act done to our shoes: to fold the backstay and use them as slippers. In our dialect, we say Thou Shalt Not "Tufruk" the Shoes! A mafrouka shoe traces back its origins to Mother Arabic: The verb Faraka embraces connotations of Rub Scrub Scour Scrape Stone and many more. In our dialect, we use the verb to refer to hashish making, hence the rub. A natural mafrouka shoe is a Belgha, much beloved by old men who neither smoked hashish nor debated the malpractices of Fark, shoe-wise.

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    Smile Older men like me, no doubt.
    Man, what a great captured miniature from another culture. Thank you so much. Every culture has such complexity. Teeming with tropes and styles and mores. Seen from outside one has absolutely no idea. To be able to portray the fine hairs, the thin threads, the subdued colors...you have a great gift. To put aside one's own culture, to see it, to read it, to appreciate it...aye, there's the rub.
    I've just read your comment, dickensonfan. Thank you very much for your words, man!