Lover's Promise

Poem written by Lonelyhearts1224 on Saturday 8, February 2020

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Complete surrender to that special someone.

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My best, I'll do to love you now and forever. Forfeit, if need be my entire world for thee. Plunge blindly and with no regrets into the oblivion; So you and I can live our lives carefree. 'Til death do us part, we'll remain always together. You'll be the golden apple of my eye. We'll go on conquering earth and all the stars in heaven. Yes, you and I will never grow apart. We'll be the immortal talk and envy of true romantics. Like a lover's legend, our story will be read. "Two lonely hearts who fate did join by a single chance encounter." "Engulfed in passion and an endless life of love they led." If you're lost at sea, I'll search in all its oceans; Or dare ascend earth's coldest highest peaks. These selfless acts show proof of my complete devotion; And the most purest fiercest love which burns in me. I'll face with you each day life's troublous oppressions; Even exchange my soul and all I own; If this will guarantee you're safe and always close. With pride I'll be the bearer of your children; And side by side we'll always stand when greeting friends or feuding foes. I promise to be true, my sweetest darling. With heart in hand, I swear, I speak the truth. These words are a mere prelude of my intended actions. No greater lover's promise you'll ever need or ever own. written on: June 5, 2017

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    Oh, my! This is quite romantic. Very well done.
    That was so pleasant and fun to read. Thanks for that. Whoever it is intended for, he or she is quite lucky. Anyway, I suspect you put a lot of work into it, so maybe some English corrections would be wanted. (On the other hand, written in 2017, you may fairly see these comments as pointless) The trouble with English is that it is a language that bobbled and cobbled itself down through a giant pachinko machine of history. What you get makes absolutely no sense. An English teacher was telling her student about irregular plurals. She asked him for the plural of leaf. He spelled T R E E. Smart kid. Anyway, the plural of life is lives; 'est' words are superlatives, so you don't need 'most'. It's like good, better, best. Better is good, but the best is better. Stuff that makes your head hurt. 'Troublous' is not a word. But I love it. It's so much better than the real word 'troublesome'. 'guaranty' is always a noun. It's a synonym for 'guarantee'. Which can be used as a verb. Which is what you want here. Like I said. English is stupid. I hope the life envisioned in these vows is still yours. You deserve it.