We do not manufacture body bags...

Poem written by Saad El-Asha on Wednesday 5, February 2020

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We do not manufacture body bags; our dead are not preserved/ we leave their remains in wood boxes buried as deeply as we would expect. Martyrs leave behind the sound of ceremonial bullets and chants and have their faces preserved on road signs. Dead babies and old folks share the fortune of natural deaths when sounds of Al-Fatihah reach none but the living. And when they kills themselves, they miss all sounds, ceremonial and otherwise.

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    "And when they kills themselves," I think should be "And when they kill themselves,"

    I found this sad. A very tragic observation on martyrdom. Perhaps, pointing in the direction that being a martyr is a bit foolish.
    "They kills"! I have no idea how I wrote this. I'm gonna leave it here. A lesson for me to write less hurriedly. Smile