Her Unspoken Words

Poem written by aSin on Thursday 2, January 2020

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A smile can hide a thousand feelings. You sometimes need to look deeper to see what lies beneath

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She yearned to be called beautiful, To be held, and touched and loved. She longed to find that happiness that everyone says would be sent from above. She grieved to be wanted, To be desired in more ways than one. She prayed for the day he would see her as more than just a thing for fun. She craved for the warmth of a body, To lie next to her for more than just lust. She pined for him to look at her, In that way she knew she could trust. She ached for him to touch her, To hunger for her that way she did for him. She thirst for him to love her, The way she now realized she loved him.

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    Very well written, I like the message and its flow.Smile
    You have not posted in a while. Good to have you back.

    A lovely poem, with excellent imagery and a good sense of pace and timing. Well done!
    Thank You all for the comments and encouragement. Its great to be back and writing again Smile