Assumption and Reality

Critical Review written by Karan Sharma on Sunday 15, December 2019

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Difference between assumption and reality.

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Assumption and reality has been two aspects of a human life. Which helps in developing thought process in every individual with different ethnic, cultural, social and financial status. Reality has always been very difficult to be accepted by most of us. In contrast assumption has always been an easy thing to accept in comparison to reality. Though assumption being an easy way of setting our thought process,it has the power to concieve our ego with the falsehood of temporary happiness. Which eventually us permanently frustrated due to our bloated ego. We all have different mindset with some sort of capabilities. But most of us don't utilise for the sake of feeding our ego and be in the illusionary world of fake happiness created by our assumption of getting eternal happiness. On other aspect people who get successful by utilising their talent in various capabilities have got into the trap of false ego to prove their superiority towards weaker people and also against their circumstances. Never realising that the negativity of false assumption and ego creates a negative thought process in mind along with their character also.

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