What is Love?

Poem written by GG on Monday 9, December 2019

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English poem about love, translated from Greek language

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Love is understanding. Love is acceptance. Love is inspiration at the time you tear up the notebook and throw away the pen. Love is consciousness at the time you take the knife. Love is the moment when prejudice breaks down. Love is a God without a church. Love is the wrong sign that showed us the right way. Love are words that can't find mouths to tell them Love is poetry without cliché Love is the void no one fills Love is to burn the gospel Love is a dark room where we found the sun and closed the blinds, so it doesn't dazzle us Love is Us, not me It's love to write this for you, for us Love is you! But you're gone Well, that's love. G.G.

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    Such clear and vivid beauty in this lines, felt it and enjoyed it, good jobSmile
    Very nice, especially since it was translated from the Greek.