Rythmic Desire

Poem written by Madhatter on Friday 6, December 2019

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A bit of a sensual poem... not for the young minds.

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Shivers run up my spine as I feel the crisp air. Moonlight gleams, cascading olive skinned curves. Dressed in nakedness, I lay before you. My chest synchronized with rapid breaths of wanting you... passion and desire is all I have to offer. You stand in the moonlight mirroring my nakedness. The perfection of masculine strength shoots warmth through this lustful soul. I can not help but stand. The willingness to offer myself causes these hips to sway. Rhythmic desire exudes as I dance for you... body moving, I step, and sway, and step dancing towards you, swaying my hips before you strong hands intertwine with my own, as I am pulled into your chest, breath is lost, with the warmth of your skin. Unyielding hands run through the length of my black hair I can not help but kiss you. Fire, desire pulsating my flesh as I kiss your lips. My legs wrap themselves around you as I am lifted by your want of me. You sway, and step, and sway dancing me around with rhythmic desire The wetness of your lips on my chest increases my hunger and I ravage your skin as you lay me down holding, caressing, kissing every part of you I feel your strength push into me gasping in delight and we sway, and move, and sway bodies intertwined in rhythmic desire.

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    Wow! I had to take a cold shower.
    Oh, my! Not for children, indeed! Participation in this activity, however, may create children! Cool
    Sexy moonlit dance leading to passion in the bed - why did I see Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayak??? lol Great piece.
    Terrific description and imagery as is par for the course with a Madhatter piece. Sure to elicit a spark of desire in the reader themselves. Very well done.