Release & Realize

Poem written by rdm88 on Wednesday 20, November 2019

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the first real forays out of private hell

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Release... From a cage in a maze I built myself Release... From a torture chamber that I designed Release... From monsters masquerading as angels, and gargoyles who battered me within an inch of my life Release... From a permanent tension, an unholy triumvirate thrashing their whips relentlessly against my torn skin 'Beg all you want this is never going to end... This is never going to stop' Then it did... Somehow A final invitation to my tailor made private hell An invitation I graciously declined Unmask thy demons shine a torch of their own hate in their eyes Get me out of this fucking dungeon of torture tactics Sleep deprivation and water drips A crystal ball shows me the end of my kin I plead and I beg and I sob RELEASE ME FROM THIS NETHERWORLD!!!! And so it went... Hurtling through space, the impossible nightmare floated away There was no weather, no atmosphere The gauntlet had been run, we'd won the race Only there was no 'we' anymore A plateau had been reached And beautiful gravity replaced the fear When did I realize? When did I open my eyes... and see? It couldn't just have been the professor on TV Tumbling down out of the heavens Where someone tried to build a war That would never begin to end Withdrawal from life, take me away To the exact image, the exact place, of a painting of a beach Beyond every single star that ever lived... And lit up and died Star songs never stop being heard Even after they're dead This is the impossible impossible place Where dreams dare not go They could never survive Yet somehow we did Somehow we're alive © 2019 Tourist the Sleepwalker

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    Interesting observation. A ray of hope?
    Oh, please, please, punctuation!
    I agree with KT, with this style there needs to be punctuation. Aside from that, quite the visionary in words.