Spring Duo

Poem written by rdm88 on Wednesday 20, November 2019

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Dreams & shopping lists I can still speak French in my dreams Without money for shopping I overpaid for a newspaper That was really no news at all The man who didn't want to celebrate his birthday Told me I would get the gist Dreams & leftover pills Self-medicating isn't always abuse When you have to wait this long for a doctor Organized chaos or just fucking chaos The many people I ran out on converge and point the finger Yet remarkably bear no ills Dreams & half-naked girls They'll kiss me but not in the real world Raw meat unidentifiable powders How can I ever forgive myself Please believe me when I say I'm sorry And I know I deserve to die 'A Literary Fast Food Service ' Lily's lippy lyrics, Suzanne's sultry songs Dolores died of drunk It turned out to be just in my imagination all along Vonnegut's vivid verse, rambling Russian rants Welsh's world of wankers It turns out we're all in a labour camp and really just ants Coppola's careful craft, Scorsese's sordid scenes Chase changed the channel It turns out convenience does rule and we all face to black it seems © 2019 Tourist the Sleepwalker

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