On April 5th I Saw Saint Ana

Poem written by rdm88 on Wednesday 20, November 2019

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coming off a bender years ago

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Out of the black, sordid nights Where my soul died and died again Something appeared in my line of sight A light I did not recognize A ghostly spirit by my side Found me in a wretched state Broken, empty and blind Full of heartache turned to hate In the shadows of death she was There to take me by the hand Release me from the grave Extract the poison from my soul The darkness of a bottomless hole Death’s bony grip, a suicide mission This was no mere religious vision No hallucination, nor a dream Something was with me that day At her mercy I was pleased Forever in her debt ‘til the end of my days A symbol of grace, lives on Saviour of the damned Has brought me a new path To tread, without the terror or the dread No more shall I seek the end In my heart I have a saint On my side and as a friend

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    Nicely written and quite inspirational.
    I would add a bit more punctuation.